Smart Badge

Get to know the Smart Badge technology from EasyGo

Turn your visitors into valuable leads.

At Futurebuild Holland, every visitor receives a badge upon arrival that contains a special chip: the Smart Badge. With this Smart Badge, visitors can easily collect information from participants on the exhibition floor.

How does it work?
Visitors use their Smart Badge to scan the special badge reader that you must place visibly on the stand.

After the exhibition visit, visitors will receive an e-mail containing an overview of all participants they have scanned. This information is sent directly from your My Easyfairs profile, so you can decide for yourself which information is shared with the visitor.

What does your badge reader do?

To enhance the visitor experience during the event, all exhibitors will receive one badge reader. This is part of the EasyGo offer. The wireless sensor sends the product and company information that you have placed in your personal My Easyfairs environment to the visitors.
Smart Badge

How does it work?

By scanning the badge with your badge reader, visitors will receive your product and company information (which you have uploaded via My Easyfairs) by email at the end of the day.

The benefits for you as an exhibitor

Easily distribute your business information

By simply scanning a visitor badge, visitors you haven't spoken to will receive your product and company information by email.

Reduce costs and waste

By distributing your company information online, you save on brochures, catalogs and printing materials. This results in lower costs and no risk of visitors losing the material.

Stimulate the visitor experience

Visitors who scan their badge, receive your company information digitally. This is a major advantage in today's digital landscape and very useful for easily sharing data with colleagues and acquaintances.

Simplify post-show lead generation

At the end of the event, you will receive a list of visitors who digitally collected your business information. So you no longer have to maintain business cards or contact forms yourself. This results in an easier follow-up of your leads.

More contacts and opportunities

Combine the badge reader with the Visit Connect App and also scan the badges of visitors with whom you yourself entered the conversation.

What should you do as an exhibitor during the event?

Place the badge reader on your stand, in the visitor's field of view. Make sure the reader is placed at the correct height, easy to scan for the visitor. Check out some inspirational examples here.

The batteries of the badge reader go with the whole event.
Return the badge reader at the end of the last day of the event.

N.B. The badge readers you rent remain the property of Poken NV. Non-refundable badge readers will be charged for € 500.
Do you have GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium? Then, after the event, you will receive the data of the visitors who scanned your reader. You can also request this information via My Easyfairs.