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Termokomfort Europe BV

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Termokomfort ®Europe BV is system manager of insulation sustems with Termoparels® and BiofoamPearls® used to insulate roofs and cavity walls, as well as floor insulation with Bodemhygrolatie®.
Through a network of insulation professionals in Europe, the products of Termokomfort® find there way to the cuistomer.

Since 1976 Termokomfort® develops, produces and manages insulation systems for the benefit of retrofit and new homes, in the most broadest sence.
Only Termokomfort® certified companies are allowed to use the Termokomfort® systems and install Termokomfort® materials. These companies are all controlled and trained by Termokomfort®.

Termokomfort® systems provide:

Maximum energy saving
Solving moist problems
Applicable to old and new homes
Insulation of special constructions or objects
Favorable price-quality ratio
Solution for insulation (damp) floors
Sustainable and organic materials
Biologic and circular insulation systems

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